FAQ for Advertiser
How to add my banners?

On the top you will see links with banner sizes. Click the banner size you would like to add and click the link Create a new ad. You must fill out and select all options before you save your banner, also check if you get any error message displayed on the top of the page after you click save.

How can I purchase traffic?

On the top you will see links with Orders.

How to add clicks to special size?

Use the function "Ad Size" -> "Your size" -> "Resources" to add clicks.

Can I move clicks / impressions from one size to the other?


What's the GEO info for your RON traffic?

Our RON traffic contains 15% Tier 1 and 10% Tier 2 traffic.

Why don't I get more clicks per day?

There can be two reasons for this.
1. You do not have enough advertisements in the system. To solve this, please add more advertisements to your account; up to 5. More banners will give you more impressions in the system, and therefore more clicks.
2. Your banners receive a low CTR rate. If this is the case, you should add different advertisements into the system. Keep changing ads until you find a set that give you the higher CTR.

FAQ for Publisher
What payment method do you use?

1. For Amazon US gift card: the minimum payment amount is US $10 (can be used only at amazon.com).
2. For Paypal: the minimum payment amount is US $20.
3. For Wire Transfer: the minimum payment amount is US $1000 (no charges included, please contact us via message).
For clients who can't receive payment via Paypal, we can pay via Amazon US Gift Card to solve the issue.

When will I get paid?

You can send a payout request through the message system from your account when your account reaches the minimum payout amount of $20. We pay within a maximum of 2 days after payout request!

About traffic from Iran

Our advertisers gave us many reports, and we have to decide to remove Iran from our traffic inventory. We recommend all our publishers use other banner codes from ad networks which pay for traffic from Iran.
Thank you for your understanding.

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